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Nexuses has been delivering quality IT products to organisations of all sizes in different sectors for more than 20 years. Our vast range of products are available for custom deployment as well as SaaS. It’s the quality of our products that sets us apart.


Affordable ERP Solutions

Nexuses has a wide range of cost effective ERP modules for organisations of all sizes. Our Solutions are fully customizable to simplify, automate and streamline your business processes.

Our current range of business automation modules includes HCM/HR, BI, RM, FI, CRM, SCM, S&D, PLM, PP, OCM. This list is growing fast and many of these modules will be available on our SaaS platform.

All this at a fraction of the price of major ERP vendors. If you're interested, contact us today.


Automation Integration

Nexuses specialises is integration of real time systems and automation techologies including advanced industrial robotics, logisitics systems, driverless POD transport systems, building management systems etc. We have worked on several major projects in the civil avaiation sector, parcels, warehousing and technology sectors.


Digital Signage Solutions

Nexuses has a comprehensive range of digital signage solutions including LCD/LED screens, high visibility dot matrix displays, indoor and outdoor solutions. Our solutions are flexible with several options available for embeded PCs and enclosure types including water proof and temperature controlled.

We specialize in solutions where failures are automatically detected and displays automatically reset to ensure always on displays. We have options where clients can customize the display content through admin portals


Nexuses has been delivering comprehensive IT services for every need. Our clients include organisations of all sizes and industry sectors. Over the years we have provided IT services ranging from desk side support to massive data centre managment and from bespoke solutions on Raspberry PI to multi million pound ERP implementation projects. It’s the range of our services that sets us apart.


Nexuses Cloud Computing Services

Nexuses specializes in Designing Services in the Cloud for our clients. We offer Comprehensive Migration Service for moving your applications and data into the cloud with minimum disruption. We are well versed in migrating large client databases into the cloud. We work with all major databases including Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL.

We work with all major providers of Cloud services including AWS, Azure, Google, Rackspace to provide the best possible solution for our clients. So if you require cloud services, contact us today.


Bespoke Development Services

At Nexuses we develop tailor made solutions for our client's requirements. At Nexuses we believe in using the right technology for the job. We are completely vendor agnostic and for all our client’s bespoke requirements we use technology which best fits the need.

We have been delivering projects ranging from complex industrial solutions involving PLCs, SCADA, process controls software, to corporate projects using Oracle/SQL Server databases, to websites and mobile applications on the IOS and Android platform. We have even delivered Arduino and Raspberry Pi based solutions.

So for all your custom requirements, contact us today.


ERP Consultancy Services

We have a highly experienced team of ERP consultants with several years of SAP and Oracle Applications experience under their belts. Besides our own cost effective ERP modules, Nexuses provides an comprehensive installation and customization service for all major modules of SAP and Oracle appkications.

So whatever your ERP requirements, Nexuses can be the trusted partner you need. Contact us today.


Over the years, we have delivered quality products and services to a wide variety of clients.Some of our major clients include:

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